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Jaime Stein is an Academic, Sustainability Planner and Urban Researcher with more than 15 years experience in advocating for sustainable communities through engagement, planning and policy analysis.  This page contains a selection of projects in which Jaime employed the skills of Environmental, Health and Social Impact Assessment as well as sustainability planning, coalition building and project management. 


The following projects dealt with a variety of planning issues, including; climate change, community resilience, land use, policy, design and sustainable development.  In all projects Jaime was responsible for executing a bidding process, crafting proposals, written reports and presentations, developing and managing budgets as well as managing staff and project timelines.  She led visioning sessions with community members, sector experts and City officials.  Jaime also honed her skills as a facilitator, helping varied stakeholders reach consensus.   


Dates: 2010 - 2018

Skills: Facilitation, negotiation, writing, Environmental and Health Impact Assessment

Beginning in 2010, community organizations surrounding the Atlantic Yards redevelopment project engaged Jaime in the creation of a reporting and monitoring mechanism for quality of life impacts associated with the project.  Many of these impacts were outlined in the project's unique Memorandum of Environmental Commitments (as established by the 2006 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)) however reporting and resolving daily impacts was still a challenge.  Collaboratively, Jaime and her clients generated a direct reporting mechanism of quality of life impacts which could also function as a public archive. 


This platform which became Atlantic Yards Watch, still serves today as a reporting mechanism and an online public archive.  Reviewing past quality of life impacts with clients allowed for identification of the main issue areas with potential health impacts. A key set of tags related to these issues were put in place enabling appropriate responses from State and City agencies. 


As a result of this work, the chief appointed official, Senior VP of Community Relations, developed a new monitoring and reporting policy which identified Atlantic Yards Watch as one of the official channels for reporting and logging quality of life impacts associated with the project.  

Furthermore, Jaime helped her clients develop an organizational structure for long term project oversight which included the project Owner, Developer, key institutions, elected officials and community leaders.  This recommendation helped to form the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (2015) on which Jaime served as the Mayoral Appointee from 2015 - 2018.

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