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Evoking Equity

New York City Department of Design & Construction




The creation, operation, and longevity of public architecture are reliant on three key actors: the City, the Architect and the Community. The nature of what can be expected from public architecture, as seen through the lens of social equity, includes the key concepts of cultural relevance, inspiration and accessibility. 

This research, a yearlong collaboration between Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture and the New York City Department of Design and Construction, was conceived of and supported through the Town & Gown program.  The resulting work is a two-part documentation of research findings and recommendations that demonstrate, through both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Agency’s portfolio, how design can impact issues of social, economic and cultural equity in the City.

The New York Community Trust


Fluid Frontiers


The impacts of rising sea levels, extreme rain, storm surge events, and inland flooding have reached international awareness as waterfront cities worldwide are facing inundation from water. As cities try to cope with these new weather patterns, the limitations of aging infrastructure, including water management/sewer infrastructure, present a significant challenge.  


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